Key Benefits

  • PC based package. The DEC computers, and associated hard drives & floppy drives, were excellent in their day but they are increasingly difficult and expensive to support.
  • PCI technology interface. Self-configuring and extremely high reliability make this technology a very good choice.
  • No modification to the Model 44 hardware. All you need to do is unplug the cable from the PDP11 and move it to the PCs interface. Very simple.
  • Fully supported product. How long has it been since you had active support for your M44 laser trimmer's software? Unless you are using one of our packages, the answer is many years.
  • Vision system. The turnkey program for Win44 now supports automatic linear motor positional corrections based upon the CCTV camera image. This technique for keeping the linear motors aligned with the device under test is much faster and more accurate than the resistor edge sense. Feature width measurements are also possible using the vision hardware. Math sheets can reference the width measurement values for use in calculations.

Download a PowerPoint presentation about the Win44 software.

If you would like a demonstration copy of the Windows software please visit our download page. There you will find a link to a downloadable demo kit. The demonstration software runs in emulation mode which will allow you to examine the look and feel of the Windows package. Most laser hardware functions are emulated in the software it really behaves as if you have a laser trimmer at your desktop. Please contact our sales representative A & M Laser Services for a CD of the demonstration kit if downloading it is not convenient. Their contact information is to the right.

A & M Laser Solutions is the exclusive sales representative for our Laser processing software. Please contact them for quotations and sales information. Click the link above or call (503) 829-2689.

Technical questions about the software should be directed to Orchid Software, Inc.